Sandy Lake Regional Park Coalition (SLRPC)

Unfinished business – Help us expand the existing park to protect this irreplaceable natural area. Time is running out.

The Sandy Lake Regional Park Coalition has formed to support the efforts of the Sandy Lake Conservation Association and the Sackville Rivers Association to take care of important unfinished business. That is, to protect the area that stretches from the Hammonds Plains Road to the Sackville River and encompasses three lakes and several waterways within the Sackville River Watershed through the creation of the Sandy Lake Regional Park. The Coalition includes partners who share the long-term vision that the residents have worked so hard and long to bring to fruition for the benefit of the lakes and accompanying wildlife, to protect the Sackville River’s watershed, to become part of the Halifax region’s goal for a functioning Green Network Plan, and to provide a substantial park for public access to nature and recreation for this growing part of the city. The Sandy Lake Regional Park Coalition supports the urgent objective of protecting this area for future generations before it is too late.

Mission Statement: Sandy Lake Regional Park Coalition  

 “To preserve and protect over 2000 acres of wildlife and aquatic habitat surrounding the Sandy/Jack/Marsh Lakes and Sackville River area, Bedford as Sandy Lake Regional Park for historical, cultural, conservation, educational, and recreational use.” One thousand acres are now in public ownership as the Jack Lake Regional Park. The remaining 1,000 acres are under immense development pressures and need to be protected to maintain the integrity of the Sandy Lake to Sackville River watercourse and as a critical wildlife corridor between the Chebucto Peninsula and central and eastern mainland.

Coalition Members:

Sandy Lake Conservation Association
Sackville Rivers Association
Agropur Cooperative Dairy Bedford Plant
Beechville Lakeside Timberlea Rails to Trails
Canoe/Kayak Nova Scotia
Ecology Action Centre
Five Bridges Wilderness Heritage Trust
Friends of Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes Society
Friends of McNabs Island Society
Halifax North West Trails Association
Lucasville Greenway Society
McIntosh Run Watershed Association
Mountain Bike Halifax
Nova Scotia Bird Society
Nova Scotia Wild Flora Society
St. Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association
The Halifax Field Naturalists
The Turtle Patrol
WRWEO / The Bluff Wilderness Hiking Trail

For more information or how to help, see the SLCA website www.sandylake.org


And Dr. David Patriquin’s talk: The Natural History of Sandy Lake and Environs: http://goo.gl/ipYCR2


Dr. David Patriquin’s talk: A Natural History of Sandy Lake and Environs Go to: http://goo.gl/ipYCR2 Nearly 50 years ago, the Sandy Lake (Bedford) area was selected as one of seven unique “jewels in the crown” of Halifax-Dartmouth that should be protected for their ecological richness and for community education and recreation. Some pieces have been …